Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 update. So within minutes of the announcement tonight, (10 May) I am seeing photographers local to me reopening, claiming they can maintain 2 meters from their clients. I rent a large studio as required, but would not wish to put ANY client at risk at this time and am disturbed at how some studios see themselves as an essential business. My business is essential to my household but it is a luxury for yours and I wouldn’t be arrogant enough to see it in any other way.  This is despite loss of work and no financial assistance from the government. With this in mind, I will continue to abide by the lockdown rules.  Plenty of work at home regarding my website, past photoshoots and a massive collection of film and slides from earlier days and will only start sessions again when I can do so in a safe manner for both yourselves and myself Probably next year. Stay home, stay safe and I wish you all the best in these challenging times.
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